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Personalized Form in classroom
The student, depending on his own needs, can propose appointments during the week or in the week-ends. By necessity, it is possible to cancel the appointment within the 24 hours before.

Courses are addressed to:
⇒ who is impassioned of therapies and energetic disciplines
⇒ who loves to take care himself in natural way
⇒ who wants to begin the way to obtain the Naturopathy Diploma
⇒ every level operators of the sector.

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The flowers: indications and functioning

Bach Flowers are derived from flowers, uncultivated bushes and trees, nontoxic and not used for the human feeding.
They are harvested in wild state in determined places uncontaminated by the man.
Thanks to their ability to release "energies", they act on our energetic system with a natural process, facilitating the communication with our spiritual sense, flooding it with the virtues of which we have need and purifying the temperamental alterations that are the reason of our sufferings.
With Bach Flowers we let to work the Nature and with the time it is assisted to a gradual harmonization and development of the personality.
Who is a open mind person and is interested in the immaterial world, react more quickly to the flowers relative to those people that refuse such thoughts on principle.
The purpose is not the changing but the personality development, turned toward correction of the emotional uneasiness.
The Remedies are very recommended for: anxiety attacks, light-moderate depression, some forms of phobia, insomnia and psychosomatic troubles.

Utility, validity and acknowledgement


In 1976, the World Health Organization (WHO) has included the Flower Therapy in the Alternative Medicines.
Flower Therapy represents an emergent branch of the biological medicine, that makes use of a series of natural essences prepared starting from woodland flowers.
The experience with Bach Flowers will help to discover the ways to access to the sources of creative inspiration and to open some ways for the self-expression potential.
It is a self-awareness trip that can bring toward a possible artistic expression. The voice, the meditation, the guided visualizations and the work with the dreams could free and open unknown dimensions of the being; we could access to great sources of creative inspiration, predisposition, healing and full self-expression.
The approach takes two principal directions:
- toward the inside to find a deep access to the awareness of soul. The interior work calms the rational mind and (it) allows to enter to an intelligence, creativeness and self-awareness deeper, that makes possible the learning toward the Change;
- toward the outside, to free the imaginary expression, the wisdom, the wishes, etc.
Practicing us to free restrictions, stress and emotional energy blocked in the body and in the mind, we can begin to free the power and the authenticity of the most expressive being.