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ROMA, May 20th 2006

Our organism to defend itself from the pathogen action of bacteria and viruses, possesses some particularly efficient defensive mechanisms as the production of the antibodies which, if produced in suitable quantity, they are able to annul the action of the pathogen agents.
Over an adequate quantity of essential proteins for the synthesis of the antibodies, the scientific researches on the protective actions of vitamins picks out that without the presence of adequate quantities of vitamins the synthesis of the antibodies is considerably reduced and therefore the immune defenses are not efficient.
The vitamins particularly involved in the synthesis process of the antibodies are pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and folic acid; riboflavin, tiamin, biotina, niacina and vitamin A have a more mild role.
The presence of a adequate quantity of the aforesaid vitamins is therefore essential when is wanted to stimulate the antibodies synthesis giving vaccines for the different pathologies, also the viral origin ones as the flu.
Since the quantity of vitamins assumed with the foods, they are as soon as enough to prevent the deficient appearances, to have an optimal vitamization of the tissues, where the synthesis of the antibodies happens, it is essential to daily assume balanced and complete vitamin supplements that assure those quantities of necessary vitamins for the protein synthesis and for the production of the antibodies.

Prof. Alberto Fidanza

Drawn from the book Professor Alberto Fidanza Geniale Scienziato
Edizioni Borgia
Edited by Professor Alberto Fidanza's Foundation