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Roma, May 24th 2008

During a sporting activity the energetic waste considerably increases in connection to the type of sport and the duration of it.
Because the energetic budget is in balance it is essential to assume bigger quantitative of foods in connection to the same energetic waste and therefore also the vitaminic requirement considerably increases especially for those vitamins that develop their role in the material metabolism.
The muscular masses occupied during the sporting activity require foods containing glucides and therefore we must assume vitamins of B group in bigger quantitative.
But during the sporting activity, both for the notable muscular application and for the stress, the production of free-radicals increases and therefore it is better to assume ß-carotene to contrast them.

Prof. Alberto Fidanza

Drawn from the book Professor Alberto Fidanza Geniale Scienziato
Edizioni Borgia
Edited by Professor Alberto Fidanza's Foundation