2005 - Vitamis, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome - read

2006 - Vitamins and Immune System - read

2007 -Vitamins and Obesity - read

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Laboratori Borri's Firm is located in Rome, between the well-known archaeological area Quintilis' Villa and the Roman aqueduct, in the ancient ownership complex.

The Borris (alchemists and herbalists family since 1600) founded their herbal production firm in 1886 and ever since, they are remained faithful to their own traditions, always regarding their customers and the firm's good name.

Love for medicinal herbs and for nature is a true love that carries on in the time. For this reason, Borri's family long since (over 20 years) works at diffusion of naturalistic culture. Now, indeed, beside Naturopathy Formation Center for Unconventional Discipline Cures and for "Alternative Medicine", was also added a on-line Campus for e-learning Formation.

Laboratori Borri