2005 - Vitamis, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome - read

2006 - Vitamins and Immune System - read

2007 -Vitamins and Obesity - read

2008 - Vitamins and Sport - read






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? Can access to Naturopathy both who have an High School Leaving Qualification, or equivalent title, and who practices a qualifying profession (for instance: the herbalist).
? To the students Naturopaths will be recognized formative credits - previous evaluation - in relationship to the effected studies and the achieved Specializations.
? Didactic Year of every student begins from the date of his own registration because every lesson is independent from the others.
? The Naturopathy online Course is available on Internet through an environment (Moodle) that uses simple but advanced methodologies strongly based on the student's involvement and on the tutor's support.
? The midway checks of the single Subjects are online through tests and other didactic tools.
? The final checks take place once in a year in the Rome Centre, in conversation form.
? The final check of Course, previous predisposition and dispatch of the final Thesis, take place in the Rome Centre and it concern on the academic defence in front of the Committee.
? Who pursues "full marks and honors" has to introduce a thesis connected to the course program both the first and the second year.
? It is faculty of the student to shorten the established formative course (3 years) following more lessons and taking the respective exams, it being understood the sum due.
? The annual cost of Naturopathy stays unchanged for every 3 year to exclusion of the adjustment ISTAT.