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⇒ every level sector operators and , in particular, Professionals which work also on energetic blocks..

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The mythology of many cultures tells us of as the universe has been created through the sound. It believed the Egyptian god Thoth (known in Greece as Hermes Trismegistus: the lord of hidden wisdom) had completed the creation with the sound of his voice only. In the ancient Greco-Roman school of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Tibet and India, the knowledge of Sound was highly an advanced science, based on the understanding of vibrations considered as principal causal form of the universe. Among the divinities of Indian pantheon, Shiva is one of the most important, more ancient and more complex figures since in the different cults it assumes different meanings and different aspects; nevertheless, in his aspect called "Nataraja", he represents the key of cyclical life. He is imagined dancing in a present eternity, and his dance manifests the universe, it preserves him and it dissolves him, and inside this cycle Shiva also manifests the samsaric cycle (the cycle of reincarnations) that allows the single living beings to go down on the earth until the definitive liberation from the karmic cycle considered center, source of every movement in the universe.


God Shiva, considered the lord of Sound, dance in the life cycle and he is often represented with a tambourine: the primordial sound, the ohm of creation. Purpose of dance is the man's liberation from the identification with perception of the world (and therefore from the "matter"). This dance has to take place in us, in our heart, "the center of the universe". Use of sound as practice for healing, therefore, it is as ancient as the first sound probably emitted from a man or a woman. It believes the first human beings used the sounds in sacred and ritual way to stimulate fertility, to facilitate births, to help harvest-growing, to accept death and in a lot of other occasions. Using the sound they tried to recall spirits and ancestors to free the body from the illness back.

Sound is vibration and vibration is Energy!

To say "Music Therapy" it is as to give a new name to an old science as old is the humanity. Since remote times, the man has associated therapeutic characteristic to the sound before that the organized sound was called "music". Indeed, when the witch doctors played their instruments to move away illness or when the priests sang for invoking the spirits, they didn't say to make music... nevertheless yet they were music and therapies although in different way from as we intend it today!
If the sound was utilized to heal, to socially integrate or to place in different states of conscience, we can assert then that big differences don't exist with contemporary use of Music Therapy. Music Therapy makes use of ancient knowledge relating to the music influence on the human body considered as an instrument that asks for a continuous tuning. Through the use of voice, of respiration and other experiences, this methodology has the tendency to relax, to balance and to stimulate in order to avoid somatization of emotional conflicts. The key of this method is the connection among sounds, disease and human energy.