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Courses are addressed to:
⇒ who want to come in contact with the crystal world;
⇒ who loves to take care himself in natural way;
⇒ who wants to begin the way to obtain the Naturopathy Diploma;
⇒ Specialists of Reiki, Bach Flowers and other Energetic Disciplines;
⇒ Every level operators of the sector.



We can consider the crystals as a tour through history and light of the universe.
All wonder as the ancients have been able to cut enormous blocks with millimetric precision, to refine surfaces upon to make them smooth as mirrors, to raise monoliths as they were simple stones, to inscribe whole books on plates of quartz.
Near the Celts gems and colored stones served for decorating helmets of warriors whom prepared for the war and to embellish the jewels of women and priestesses. This custom was, in reality, motivated by awareness of the preventive and curative function that, according to Druids, resided in minerals. Every stone had astrological and medical well-defined correspondences (for every illness it had recourse to a specific crystal and every birth sign had its corresponding stone) and it was also connected to a tree of sacred wood.
Nowadays, the native peoples of America and Australia use still the crystals during their magic rituals and for the cure of illnesses: living to narrow contact with the nature, they has not forgotten the potentialities that it contains and they continue, since the dawn of their civilization, to use its intrinsic energies.


The awareness of "crystals power" and of stones is age-old. In ancient India, it advices Kings to collect gems to protect themselves from inauspicious events. The first works on astrology (400 B.C.), developed observations on the crystal power.
The Mayan and the American Indians used crystals both for diagnosis and for care of illnesses.
Paracelsus was a great estimator and user of crystals, so also Hildegard, the young nun then become saint, who in the Middle Ages defined property and characteristics of various mineral, realizing for first the refraction ability of ruby light (basing on this, we have discovered the laser).
Also religions have always used the symbolism of stones.
In ancient China the sacred stone par excellence was the jade and each of its ranges of color symbolized a planet: the black one referred to Mercury, the white one to Venus, the red one to Mars, the green one to Jupiter, the yellow one to Saturn.
In the Old Testament, highest priest's breast-plate had 12 stones that represented Jacob's children and theirs 12 tribes.
In Christian tradition, precious stones have adorned wine glasses, crucifixes and vestments.
To this day, the bishops have on an amethyst ring, the cardinals the ruby and the pope the emerald.


Introduction to the Crystal Therapy
⇒ Basics, general notions and energetic techniques to operate with stones and crystals
⇒ Characteristic of Mineral Kingdom
⇒ Crystals in history and technology
⇒ Typology of the natural crystals and them characteristics chemical-physics
⇒ Mohs’ hardness scale
⇒ Types of quartz: K. Raphael’s 6 categories
⇒ Energetic field. The “aura”


⇒ The 7 chakras
⇒ The corresponding crystals used more commonly in Crystal Therapy and respective salutary effects
⇒ Purification, activation and regeneration of stones and crystals
⇒ Planning of crystals
⇒ Preparation of personal activator crystal
⇒ Factors determining the crystals and stones power on man
⇒ Basic Practise
⇒ Purification of room
⇒ Centering of the Crystal Therapy
⇒ Techniques of reading aura
⇒ Techniques of aura purification
⇒ Practices on the chakras reading
⇒ Techniques of pendulum use
⇒ Techniques of L.E.D.E.C. use
⇒ Practices for the choice of healing stones and crystals, and the stones in synergy
⇒ Examples of treatment: standard treatment
⇒ Treatment with bi-ended quartzes
⇒ Complex treatments (mentions)
⇒ Check Test through re-reading of the aura
⇒ How to preserve and to increase the healing strengths
⇒ Elixir of precious stones
⇒ Waters Energization with the crystals
⇒ Meditation and treatments with quartzes
⇒ Complex treatments
⇒ Crystal Therapy associated with Reiki and Bach Flower Therapy