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EAV (Voll's electroacupuncture) and

Available online

Courses are addressed to:
⇒ who intends to extend a Free Profession;
⇒ who loves to take care himself in natural way;
⇒ operators of every level sector (Doctors, Naturopaths, Chemists, Herbalists, Feeding Specialist, etc.)
⇒ associated studies
⇒ who wants to obtain the Naturopathy Diploma

EAV And BIORESONANCE (40 didactic hours)

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The EAV is a holistic world of naturopathy and non-conventional medicine. It constitutes an biocibernetic analysis of man-system.

By electrophysical measurements:

·        is estimated the actual state

·        is estimated regulation dynamics of systems and subsystems

·        is determined the presence of troubles and blocks of autonomous regulation mechanisms

By phenomena of resonance, the factors that disturb the information transfer are individualized and, in cybernetic sense, the causes of pathologies are determined.

The EAV purpose is to restore the physiological regulation ability of the living system in interaction with the environment.

In this way, the Naturopath can effectively develop a prevention work of illnesses, contributing to a healthier and self-responsible society.
The dangerous factors for the health are many: the foods are denatured more and more, with danger of alimentary allergies. There is the insidious problem, because not easily perceptible, of the geopathies and of the electrosmog. Dental breeding grounds and chemical - toxic environmental substances are the frame complete of this, lowering often the immune defenses. Then, the agents patogens are inserted, (constituted from parasitic, virus, bacteria and funges) are inserted and they worsen the clinical situation manifesting more evident symptoms.

This state, that can appear distressing, nevertheless, can effectively be clear up through the biocibernetic technical as the EAV and the MORA.

The measurement is effected on determined points of skin which are recognizable for an elevated conductibility. The points dress have a great importance about the energy and the coupling systems.
In the choice of measurement points, it needs to consider both those classical of acupuncture (discovered by R. Voll), and those discovered by the American Naturopath American Douglas Leber.
We remember that, while the EAV is only a diagnostic method, the MORA is both diagnostician and a therapeutic one; therefore, it allows to manage in an only session the energetic alteration state (with or without symptoms) of person that turns him to us, bringing him in a perfect dynamic equilibrium state of its oscillatory frequencies.


⇒ Study of the Points and the Meridians of the hands
⇒ Meant of the single Points
⇒ Relationships of Meridians among their respective energetic way
⇒ Practical tests of measurement
⇒ Pishinger’s Base System
⇒ Analysis of toxic, bacterial and viral agents on the Meridians that finish on the hands
⇒ Practical tests of measurement
⇒ Dental gene Mouths and factors of dental iatric trouble as amalgam, metals and alloys.
⇒ Voll’s Table on the relationships among Odontones and Organs
⇒ Troubles of regulation owing to geophatics and electrosmog stressors: frequencies and test vials analysis
⇒ Study of points and Meridians situated on the feet: them relationships with toxic substances, bacterial agents, virals and funges
⇒ Practical tests of measurement