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What is the Pranotherapy?
How can we demonstrate its existence?

The history helps us, because many are the important figures that have been pranotherapist or that have treated the matter. But the Physics also helps us because exist experiments able to demonstrate pranic abilities of the people.
The first question for a person that is not a "authorized personnel" is surely "What is the Pranotherapy?", and consequently "What is the prana?".
We can say that the term "Pranotherapy" dates back to only the eighties, while the word "prana" derives from two Sanskrit terms: "pra" (that means "unity of base" or "fundamental unity") and "na" (that means "energy"). We can translate then the word "prana" with "unitary, vital, fundamental energy", or rather "energy that unifies everything, that is the base of all things". Energy is in the whole creation, the same one that makes to grow seeds, that makes to flow rivers, that we find in the heat of the sun, in the strength of the wind and also in ourselves.


The most ancient definition of "universal vital energy" derives from India and dates back to some millennia before Christ. The term itself designates the common concept of all western and Oriental traditions of vitality, and every therapy results such because resorts to the prana.
The first tool with which the man has used this energy has been the hands, from here the designation of care through the imposition of the hands.
Still today, who takes up the Pranotherapy way uses only the hands really because the hands have always been considered the half more immediate, spontaneous, "instinctive" of communication.